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Energised Electrical | Building a solid foundation for the future

Energised Electrical started when founders, Brook and Julia, returned to New Zealand in 2015 having spent three years in Australia honing the skills they had learnt during their apprenticeships.

Offering primarily commercial services (alongside residential and industrial), the Tauranga based company has, over the past six years, grown from having just one staff member to employing a full-time team of 11, a host of contractors and has expanded to working across the whole of the North Island.

They’ve fitted out the likes of Event Cinemas (both in Auckland and Tauranga), shopping malls, schools and are currently working on the Mount’s Quest apartment hotel. ‘Things are blooming so we can’t complain!’ says Brook. Whilst Brook and Julia are able to both grow the commercial side and diversify, they’ve recently launched Secta NZ Ltd a security company, behind the scenes it’s Grace Team Accounting who are making sure that Energised Electrical is financially organised to be in the position to do so. ‘We’ve been with Grace Team Accounting since the start,’ explains Brook. ‘My family had worked with them previously so we naturally fell into working with them, but it’s Michael and his team that have kept us there.’ ‘The whole team is so friendly,’ adds Julia ‘As soon as you walk into the office you just feel welcomed and there’s a real sense of teamwork, they all work together and support each other so that our questions can always be answered.’ It’s this sense of community along with being able to talk directly to the owners that have kept Energised Electrical working with Grace Team Accounting since 2015, ‘They look after all our finances and we’ve never considered looking for any other accountants,’ says Brook.

“When we started working with Brook and Julia they were new to business, we understood that they were juggling so many aspects of business that they had never experienced before it is important that we try to keep things simple and make some of the complexity they were facing easy to understand. By working with them they were able to get the foundations nailed down to allow them to grow and work towards achieving the goals they had set” says Michael Grace.

Alongside Grace Team Accounting’s Business Toolbox, a library of information and resources for clients that can be found on their website, Grace Team Accounting offers classes for clients covering topics such as getting to grips with the accounting software, Xero. ‘The team has taught me alot, especially at the start when everything was new to us,’ says Julia.

As Energised Electrical continues to expand, it’s Julia and Brook’s hope to soon be able to do a complete fit out of a shopping mall, modernising the out of date systems so often used. ‘Being able to be in a position where we can branch out from one successful venture to the next, rather than just having to focus on holding on to our current business is a great place to be in.’

At Grace Team Accounting part of what we do is to provide business coaching services that supports you in driving the business, reviewing performance and re-setting. To find out more get in contact today

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