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Kings Seeds | Growing for the future

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Kings Seeds is New Zealand's biggest online seed distributor and is based in Katikati.

Barbara and Gerard currently utilise Grace Team Accountings Quarterly Business Coaching to continue and further their business success.

Hear from Barbara and Gerard owner/operators here...

What services and support have you received from Grace Team?

Grace Team Accounting have been our accountants from the beginning so Lindsay has been with us since the get go. Besides the normal accounting services we receive, more recently we’ve been working with Michael in a business coaching capacity.

It’s great to have a fresh pair of eyes helping us with the next stage around our business goals. Being held accountable and keeping us on track with actions and goals is a huge advantage we find engaging with a coach. At the stage where we’re at now it’s nice to work with someone who can bring different ideas to the table to help us with the next phase. What a relief!

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