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Reaching the Performance Zone Through Effective Leadership

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Helping your team to reach their optimum can be complex and challenging but by working on your leadership skills, you can create the right environment so that the team and business can succeed.

You Can Only Control What You Can Control

Whilst you might only employ those who show a positive outlook and are adequately trained, day to day it’s up to your employees to take individual responsibility for their attitude and skills. What is in your control though is providing them with knowledge, through training, mentoring and coaching and through the support systems that you offer your team. This is something we discuss more in The Grow Model article here

Reaching the Performance Zone The goal is to reach the Performance Zone. In this zone your team is motivated, engaged, they go beyond their comfort zone and enjoy personal development. It’s in this spot that your business is most likely to achieve its goals. Strive too much and you reach the Danger Zone; your team is likely to be ineffective, stretched too far and feeling stressed, resulting in potential errors being made and ultimately burn-out. But don’t strive enough and you’ll find yourself in the Comfort Zone. In this position of complacency your return is likely to diminish and your competitors will outperform your business.

Lead With Your Backbone and Heart

To get the most out of your team you want to lead as a Motivator. This is where you strike a balance between leading with your heart and backbone. Too much heart and you’ll reach the Friend level, where you lack clarity and engagement leading to inefficiency and complacency, you’re likely to find your team in the Comfort Zone. Too much backbone, resulting in ‘a my way or the highway’ attitude and you start to reach a Dictator level.

Here there’s a poor work culture, a level of distrust and your team are likely to fall into the Danger Zone. Too little of each and you’ll end up as a pushover. The Motivator however leads with clarity, trust, empowerment, high engagement and will stretch their team to reach the Performance Zone.

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