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Check your level brand perfomance

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Every now and then it pays to take stock of how your brand is performing and take steps to improve brand performance. Whether it's developing a new strategy to engage customers, a loyalty program to keep them purchasing or a new initiative to delight them, this helpful level guide is a perfect place to start working out next steps.

Level one: Presence

At this level customers are aware of your brand but little else. They may have tried your products and services before, but they have little or no emotional attachment to them.

Level two: Relevance

At this level customers start to think about whether the brand meets their wants and needs. It’s here they begin comparing the cost of your products with respect to the value these provide. Customers begin asking questions like:

  • Does this brand fit my needs?

  • Is it in the right price bracket for me?

  • Is it worth that?

Level three: Performance

Here customers begin comparing the brand with others to see whether it delivers on it's potential. They're also starting to associate the brand with a specific identity, and they're beginning to recognise it and associate with it. By now the brand is on the customer's "short list" of brands choose from

Level four: Advantage

At this level customers have determined that there is a distinct advantage to using the brand, compared with others. They're also beginning to associate the brand with their emotions and with their sense of self.

Level five: Bonding

Your customers have established a bond with the brand. They've determined that cost, advantage and performance are all at levels but they’re happy with.

They’ve also formed a strong emotional attachment to the brand the brand; the brand has become an integral part of their self image, and helps represent who they are.

This in turn encourages them to exclude other brands in favour of this one. Customers at this level are also likely to advocate the brand, which helps build further awareness within the family, social and professional circles.

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