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Eliminate chaos and increase productivity...

Are you feeling overwhelmed and underproductive even though you’re running around trying to do it all? Take a look at our quick and easy productivity tips to help eliminate chaos to help give you some breathing space:

  1. Change your mindset. If you are a control freak maybe it’s time to let go and get help. Start with small steps and you’ll be amazed by how much a little bit of help helps!

  2. Saying yes is NOT always a good thing. If you’re always saying yes to people you need to learn to say NO. Set up some boundaries and be clear with them; it’s good for you

  3. Have another look at your business plan. Are you working on priorities or wasting time on “low hanging fruit”? Make sure you focus your time on the key tasks that will provide the biggest pay offs.

  4. What do you enjoy doing and what is wasting your valuable time? For one week write down how much time you’re spending on every task and assess what you can remove or delegate.

  5. Procrastination comes in all shapes and sizes; Too hard, trying to be perfect and other procrastination beliefs stop you in your tracks. Kick those procrastination beliefs to the curb and get going!

The most important things to remember in business is you don’t have to go it alone. Having a business coach is your number one accountability partner. Contact Grace Team today and talk with us about our coaching programmes.

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