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Love of fashion leads to local business success

An absolute love for fashion inspired Vicki Burns to launch her own women’s clothing store Urban Vogue over nine years ago in Bethlehem Town Centre. A passion for ensuring women look good and feel great whatever shape, size or personal style the driving force behind her boutique.

“It was actually an epiphany driving the kids from school and seeing the centre under construction. I knew I wanted to work with people, I’d been in fashion retail for the major part of my working life. But something just told me I wanted a store in Bethlehem. I think the fact that I loved fashion, it just seemed like the natural step”, says Vicki.

Deciding to take the entrepreneurial step to create her own fashion store she had to learn quickly and work hard to get the store off the ground while tackling a shopping centre that was far from full. Vicki then bit off a massive task when a further eighteen months into the set up of her first business she was offered the opportunity to takeover the well known fashion store George Edward that was located just two doors down from Urban Vogue.

Now nine years on the two stores have become two of the best known boutiques at Bethlehem Town Centre. But if you ask Vicki about her success, she just smiles with some mirth and questions the definition of success saying “it’s still a work in progress”.

“Loving what you do for a living makes a huge difference for both myself and my team. We celebrate often (possibly too often!) and enjoy working to make women feel fabulous. I think it’s a great thing to make someones day just that little bit brighter”, says Vicki.

“Over time I’ve found it’s the relationships you build with customers and with the suppliers that make a difference. I also think never selling for the sake of selling is essential if something doesn’t look great on a customer then I would rather be honest and ensure they get the item that is just right for them. Then they look great and feel great and that’s going to make them happy and confident which is a great advertisment for us”.

“I would love to say I am a business guru, but i’m just a girl who loves fashion and making people feel great. For me Grace Team make it simple. They take care of all of my day to day business tax compliance needs and help me set a course each year for the year ahead. I found their advice and care invaluable particularly during the GFC when retail took a hard hit and I had just taken on the second store”.

Would you like help and advice from one of our professional Tauranga accountants? Call today on 07 578 5416.

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