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Major life change leads to fresh business approach

Graeme Treacher owner/operator of Chaytor Fencing has been in the fencing game for over 20 years. Originally established in 1972 by Maurice Chaytor, Graeme purchased Chaytor Fencing in 1996 after having worked for Maurice for a few years.

Over those twenty plus years Graeme has seen the local building industry grow and expand and he’s also seen it fall during the GFC. He’s seen a lot of changes within the industry and worked the long hours to maintain a business through some of the harder years where keeping the doors open and the team employed were his focus.

In 2012 Graeme experienced a significant health scare suffering a heart attack and so had to revisit his entire approach to the business. Together with his team, roles were redefined and Graeme took a step back to relieve the stress and pressure his role had previously derived.

“After my heart attack the doctors advised I would need to cutback so the team stepped up and took over a lot of the hands on chores I used to do. We’re a tight knit team and it’s created a major change in the business”.

This turning point has allowed Graeme to work on the business instead of constantly within the business. “I began the quarterly coaching with Michael at Grace Team and my focus was to maximize the growth the current market is experiencing and improve profit within the business” says Graeme.

“We’ve improved our business systems through the implementation of our accounting system Xero, and worked to broaden our range to include the domestic market rather than just the commercial. We also manufacture gates and custom aluminium fencing here on site”. “Working with Michael we review monthly, and then each quarter go over the results. It’s created accountability for me and means I place emphasis on making some of the smaller decisions that often are overlooked but need to be implemented, which ultimately make a big difference”.

“We’ve worked through pricing templates, profit margins on products to ensure we are competitive and a range of other considerations to improve the overall company performance” says Graeme. With the building industry currently experiencing a boom period Graeme and his team are well set to reap the rewards of this bouyant marketplace.

When things change and you need outside professional advice and expertise Grace Team Accounting will work alongside you and assist you with exactly what you need.

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