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Michael Grace


Born, bred and raised in Invercargill, Southland, with his seven siblings, Director Michael’s first love was rugby. First by loyally supporting Rugby Southland and then following in his father’s, uncles’, grandfather’s and great grandfather’s footsteps by playing for Marist Rugby Club. He played from a young school boy right through to senior rugby, even managing to play for them for three years whilst living in Tauranga! Still a fan of both rugby and cricket, Michael is now strictly a side line supporter; it’s a good chance for him to catch up with his mates to watch!

Family-focused Michael and his wife encourage their children to follow their interests and creative passions; his son, like his wife, is a talented artist, his daughter loves her dance and Michael? He’s a creative accountant!

With a thirst for learning, Michael is always looking to expand his knowledge and apply these learnings to his business practice. Brilliantly loyal and supportive of his friends and the team at Grace Team Accounting: once you’re in his corner, you have a guaranteed ally.

Michael Grace
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