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We're proud sponsors 2020 STEM initiative

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

2020 STEM Initiative is a year programme of STEM activations and engaging events, culminating in a celebratory interactive STEM Explorer Trail to be held across the heart of Tauranga’s CBD.

Events include

STEM Wana Trust has a core mission is to engage and inspire a new generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians (STEM) through creative community initiatives and events such as Aotearoa’s first ever STEM Festival in 2019 which won an award for Event Excellence.

A bit of history

The concept for STEMFest was originally inspired by Ada Lovelace Day (ALD). Ada Lovelace was a mathematician who worked with Charles Babbage and was considered the first female computer programmer, before computers even existed, back in 1843.

ALD is an international celebration of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. It aims to increase the profile of women in STEM and, in doing so, create new role models who will encourage more girls into STEM careers and support women already working in STEM.

In 2019 there were ALD events held in: Towns/cities: 108 Countries: 19 Continents: 6 with a total of 162 events around the world.

At Grace Team Accounting - Tauranga Accountants we are proud to be involved in developing future generations of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

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