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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

If you're tired of typing up endless reports, or your arms ache from too much typing, you might want to consider some voice recognition software. This software can be easily installed on your computer or mobile device. Essentially the software recognises your voice and puts it into text.

Dragon is a market leader in this software, but others can be found if you Google “voice recognition software”. Dragon costs start at $122 + GST for a home version, $244 for the office, $280 for a Mac and $840 for the super-duper professional version. There's even one for medical professionals, which allows them to dictate appointment and medical record notes directly into their electronic health records.

So what does it do? The biggest advantage is hands-free dictation into your computer or device. It allows you to automate phrases and terms common to your work (such as medical or mechanical terms), and add punctuation. But it can also edit documents and spreadsheets, and use commands to surf the web, open and close email and other programs, and more.

It's great for small business people who have to type most reports and other documents themselves.

Most software comes with a headset and microphone in the pack. It takes an hour or so of dictation for it to recognise your voice. Transcriptions are still not perfect, but it's pretty good at picking up your vocal nuances. It will also dictate a recording you might have of someone else's speech, or an interview, but it might not be as accurate because it's someone else's voice.

Dragon claims accuracy is 99%.

Check out the Dragon naturally speaking video here

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