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The journey | Developing a successful concrete business

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Hear from Don Mahoney on his experience through the years developing a successful concrete business alongside his accounting team Grace Team Accounting. 

What services and support have you received from Grace Team?

Lindsay Grace has by far been a constant support over the last 30 years. He tells you like it is and that style suits us to a tee. He’s different from other accountants because he doesn’t go back and look at what you’ve done he wants to know what you’re doing next year and in our case the year after that, year after that and so on. This stargazing approach has allowed us to grow and drive continuous improvement year on year.

Lindsay is the guy we ring when we need up front advice we can trust. We remember Lindsay when he’d rock up to a meeting and he’d be in shorts and long socks. Shows you how long we’ve been working together!

Grace Team Accounting works with businesses to provide coaching and planning, so that you can sustainably and successfully scale-up your business. To find out more get in contact.

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