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25% Increase in Profit - The Numbers Are Stacking Up

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

It was a little over a year ago when we first caught up with Amy and Todd from Alliance RV to share their business story so far. What have they been up to since then?

In the last 12 months they’ve shifted to bigger and better premises. This is no mean feat when you have to keep running “business as usual” whilst developing a whole new business operation. As they said in their last interview; “if we’re going to do this let’s do it” and we think they absolutely have done it again!

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Top 3 challenges or learning curves over the last year?

Todd: Letting go of things was certainly challenging. I’m so used to being hands-on all the time the letting go part was a tough one. I had to trust that the team were more than capable of doing the job. That doesn’t mean I’m never hands on, it just means I can’t do it all of the time.

Amy: I’m sure many people can relate to this and that is perhaps we were a little naive around exactly what’s involved with not only the move but around the growth of the business. There’s so much to think about; it’s pretty intense but of course now we can look back and think how proud we are of what we have all achieved.

Let’s face it when we first considered quarterly coaching with Michael we found that a challenge in the sense that we felt quite vulnerable. We weren’t sure about the cost versus the benefits plus add in the time and of course we weighed it all up and decided to go for it. How pleased are we now. To see how far we have come takes stepping out of your comfort zone and not being afraid of being held accountable.

Best advice you’ve received over the last 12 months?

Without a doubt sitting down and goal setting with Michael.

Having the process documented means you actually have to do what you say you are going to do. Reviewing your business plan and goals consistently ensures accountability and achievability which is great for motivation and keeping you on track.

Right from beginning working with Michael has helped us lay solid foundations. Now as we reflect back it’s the confidence you gain working together that allows you to take the next steps for your business. Without that confidence we couldn’t have done what we’ve done.

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What support and services have you received from Grace Team Accounting during this time?

As we’ve mentioned the goal setting with Michael has been invaluable and it’s a huge reason why we’re sat here today feeling like yes, we’ve done this!

There are certainly tangible results we can tick off like increased profit, an overall better understanding of the business as a whole with a clearer plan in place for now and into the future.

We’ve measured what that increase actually looks like and so far our turnover has increased by 24.6%, gross profit increased by 28.5% and net profit has increased by 25%. The numbers are starting to stack up that’s for sure.

Time away from the day to day operations to focus on business development every quarter is probably one of the most enjoyable aspects we can think of.

Without having the accountability every quarter and every 12 months it’s too easy to give up so we’re very thankful to have someone we have to answer to in that sense. Of course we have to answer to ourselves, but working with someone like Michael who is genuinely invested in our success is huge.

Michael is fantastic at making you think about the big picture; your vision, and where you think you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years down the track which is something you tend not to do on your own.

Would you recommend quarterly coaching? If so, why?

Without a doubt. The support of another person outside of our business has been a real game changer. There’s a lot of trust involved and open and honest discussions but that’s what helps guide us and keeps us on track.

Proudest achievement over the last 12 months?

We didn’t just talk about it, we did it! That’s something we’re very proud of, we’re very thankful to all of those who helped us along way and we’re still smiling. Now that’s an achievement in itself!

business coach Tauranga

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