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Improving the customer experience

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

How to Deliver an Effective and Consistent Customer Experience using the SCOPE model

Every client deserves the same high standards of service - yes, even the tricky ones. But in this day and age it’s not just delivering an effective and consistent customer experience it’s figuring out how to elevate it. This is paramount to retaining clients and the overall success of a business. Just as in a restaurant, average food can be elevated with great service, great food can be overshadowed by poor service. The same applies in all businesses. So how do you ensure your clients are receiving the very best service, especially when they’re two very different clients? And how do you elevate that service so the client feels engaged with your business? Work through the easy to follow SCOPE Model and see how you can apply each step to your business.

STANDARDISED First define your service expectations. Discuss them with your team so that your team knows exactly what is expected of them (there's a great article here on how to do this). Make sure you agree on realistic outcomes for product and service delivery; including what you are able to offer clients and the response times that need to be met to ensure service expectations.


This is where it pays to know about your client, so that you can adapt your approach to suit them. If a client is stretched for time, take a coffee to them or meet them in a cafe close to their workspace where you know you’ll easily get a table. If another client has a more leisurely approach, take them to their favourite cafe and invest time in building your relationship with them.


This is where you can take the opportunity to elevate the client experience by tailoring future meetings to your client. So, if your time-stretched client mentions that they’re busy in the afternoon because they’re collecting their child from a sports club, make a note in your CRM system so that when you’re booking in your next meeting you can schedule it accordingly. Perhaps your client has a rather specific coffee order, again make note for future visits - and make sure you review your CRM prior to each meeting. Going above and beyond will show your client that you listen, you’ve taken time to build rapport and you don’t just view them as a source of revenue. PERSONALISED

Personalise the client’s experience so that it is of value to them and shows you care about them and their needs. Send them content that is specific to their needs and includes the information that they have already asked of you. If a client comes to you looking to buy a ute then as much as they might like to see the information about the latest sports car, it’s not going to be of value to them and a waste of time for you to prepare and send.

EMPATHETIC Sometimes mistakes happen. Of course to you it matters why, but to the client it’s not why it’s happened, it’s that it has happened. We’re all human so rather than give a flurry of excuses, just apologise and review your internal systems so you can ensure it doesn’t happen again. This will also help you continuously improve and move forward.

If you’re looking to develop your customer experience, Grace Team Accountings’s business coaching services can help you build strong strategies so you can deliver the high standards of service that your clients expect. Call us on 578 5416 to set a time for a catch up.

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