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Improved business operation follows major review

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Continuing to develop and nurture their business we talked with Amy and Todd from Alliance RV about their business developments.

Step into the new and improved Alliance RV workshop and retail outlet and you’ll feel immediately welcomed by Owner/Operators - Todd and Amy. It’s hard not be caught up in the enthusiasm these two have for their business with the latest technologies and accessories for RV’s or Motorhomes on offer.

Todd, as a qualified electronics technician, originally bought the residential electronics business over 20 years ago at the bright young age of 21. Back then the business was primarily operating in the residential market but they could see an emerging RV and motorhome market and began to take more of this work on.

Fast forward to today, the residential side of the business has been sold to focus solely on the RV business. Anything on your RV wish list from a flat screen TV to solar panels can be purchased and installed here.

With change comes major decisions so “If we’re going to do this let’s do it!” they knew it was time to get all their “ducks in a row’ both personally and professionally. After hearing about Grace Team on more than one occasion they decided it was time to meet.

With a blended family, two family trusts, a joint lifestyle property and now Amy on board as a shareholder, there was a lot to think about and get right.

“We needed someone who could offer us help and advice in all aspects of our business and personal entities; someone we could trust to listen and help us put all the pieces of the puzzle together. After meeting with Michael we both felt he was the right person to deal with because he listened, he explained in plain English the how to and where to from here and he genuinely cared about our objectives. We weren’t afraid to ask the 'dumb questions'.”

There have been some major business transactions that Grace Team have now been involved in from preparing the financials for the residential sale side of the business, the acquisition of another business that had been operating in the same RV arena, right through to setting Alliance RV up on Xero that helps the business run smoothly on a daily basis.

Another area that Amy and Todd are totally on board with is ongoing coaching. After taking Michael’s advice from the beginning they bravely took themselves off for a weekend of hard questions and challenges. It was totally worth it then and now.

Next on the list this year for Amy and Todd is quarterly coaching with Grace Team. They know this will provide them with the accountability and continuous improvement they strive for.

“There are some real standouts working with Grace Team that range from their personal service, ability to actively listen and their professionalism. They’re not afraid to receive constructive feedback. It means to us they walk the talk.”

Grace Team Accounting Tauranga accountants are passionate about helping local business thrive. Talk to us today about what you most need and we'll get to work.

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