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Get staffing right from the start...

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

If your business is doing well and you can no longer do it all yourself, you need to hire staff. That’s when the real work begins. Employing the right staff members to join your business is vital to achieving your business goals so getting it right from the start is critical.

Hiring the right staff is what small businesses say is one of the most difficult tasks. It’s one that can so often lead to problems. Potential staff might look good on paper and in person; interview well, but you’ll only know whether you’ve made the right decision when they begin to do the work. Because it’s not just the skills they will bring to the table but it’s the people fit too.

Here are a few tips to help you get the right staff:

Tip #1

Do your reference checks. Too many companies in New Zealand don’t check to see whether qualifications are genuine, or follow up with previous employers. The experience of those employers could be critical.

Tip #2

Three key questions to ask previous employers should include:

Why did the employee leave?

Did you have any specific or general problems with their work, their behaviour or their attitude?

And perhaps most crucial, would you hire them again?

Tip #3

Identify the role and first and foremost make sure your potential new recruit has the right attitude and of course skills to do the job. Don’t be sidetracked by a good candidate who’s

not suited to the role you need to be filled.

Tip #4

Consider experience, but also learning ability. Your

company will always operate differently to someone else’s, so a staff member’s ability to learn how you do things is important. They are also more likely to use their initiative to suggest

improvements in work practices.

Tip #5

Include someone you trust in your interview team. If you can afford to hire a professional recruiter, you should do so.

There are self-employed recruitment consultants or HR Specialists who can step in and help.

As a business owner, your focus is going to be different than the specialist of your choice. You will ultimately make the decision, but another person’s perspective can often provide insights you might never think of.

Tip #6

Whatever your business, if you’re expanding, it means a new staff member is going to be part of a team. Always look for people who are able to work in a team. Then also look for good written communication skills and an ability to solve problems. Whether you’re hiring waiting staff for a cafe or an IT specialist, these qualities will matter.

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