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Four steps to get growth moving

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Running a small business is really hard work, leaving little time to think about how to grow. But if you set yourself an achievable goal that will add value to your business, whether it’s a boost in sales, building a high-performing team, better engaging with your customers, or simply to free up more of your time, this will give you the confidence boost needed to think about more ways to grow.

Step 1: Where you want to go

Don’t know where to start? Think about something that hasn’t gone so well. Diagnosing a problem is easy, solving it is where the value lies. It can also be helpful to look back at what your business has achieved so far to give you some context for your goals.

Create goals you can visualise and measure. It’s what we call the aspiration and dream phase. Once you define this goal, you and your team can set out on the journey to ensure your business gets there.

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Step 2: Keep pushing towards your goals

We know many businesses create great long-term goals, eg those that might take five years to achieve. But you should also think about how to keep momentum going and how to measure performance against this long-term vision for your business. Ask yourself how you’ll do things differently. Make sure you don’t revert to old ways that don’t help your business improve and flourish.

Step 3: Answer to someone

One way to help you reach goals is to get others to hold you to account creating a sense of responsibility to achieve. You could try:

  • Take on a business coach, an advisor or even family members.

  • Use your co-owner, if you have one, and visa versa.

  • Form a peer group of non-competitive business owners.

Step 4: Remove roadblocks

The most powerful inhibitor to your growth can be you, the

business owner. Find a way to create a new vision, a new goal and a dream. Build your confidence, your belief and start growing. Keep pushing and find an accountability tool to help you keep up the momentum.

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