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Developing an abundance mindset

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”

– Tony Robbins

Our mindsets are one of the most powerful tools we have when it comes to how we see the world around us and how we deal with life’s challenges. In business (and in life) your mindset normally falls into one of two categories: abundance or scarcity.

What is an Abundance Mindset vs a Scarcity Mindset? Those with a scarcity mindset tend to be driven by fear, they see the world as finite and limited which can stop them from achieving their goals. For example an entrepreneur with a scarcity mindset might want to start a construction company but don’t because they think that there won’t be space for them in the market. Or if they already have a business they might choose not to invest in their team’s growth as they fear that their team will then take their skills elsewhere. Even though by not investing their employees are just as likely to leave for a company that will invest in them. In comparison, someone with an abundance mindset sees that there is plenty for everyone. Challenges are opportunities and not being able to do something doesn’t mean that they won’t ever be able to, they just haven’t learnt that skill yet. An entrepreneur with an abundant mindset would see that, with the right niche and USP there is space in any market however saturated it might be. In short it’s focusing on the positive aspects of life and being grateful for what they do have. Why is it Important to Have an Abundance Mindset in Business?

As a business leader it is important to have an abundance mindset not only for yourself but for your team too. If you’re a leader driven by fear you’re more likely to view situations negatively, focusing instead on what you are lacking or what is out of your control and fearing your company might fail. Meaning you’re less likely to strive for your goals so your company might well fail - it's a self fulfilling prophecy. And this negative mindset will impact your team - would you want to work for a company where this is the mindset of the leader? By having an abundance mindset you're more likely to foster a positive attitude in your team. By seeing that is enough to go around you won’t need to reserve or hold back your resources, rather, you can share your time, skills and knowledge encouraging your team to do the same. When it comes to challenging times, a leader with an abundance mindset won’t immediately see failure or a situation that is out of control. Instead they will see new possibilities, new ways to learn and will take action over those things that they can control. This creates an environment full of new opportunities, chances to grow and positivity - doesn’t that sound like a much better company to work for? How to Achieve an Abundance Mindset

Luckily an abundance mindset can be achieved - if you’re thinking it can’t, that’s a good indicator you have a scarcity mindset!

  1. Gratitude - when you start to be grateful for what you do have rather than what you don’t have, you’ll see that you have much more than you think.

  2. Surround yourself with others who have an abundance mindset, positivity breeds positivity and the same with negativity.

  3. Focus on those things that you can control around you rather than spending your time and energy worrying about those things you can’t.

  4. Change your perspective when it comes to challenges and setbacks. What good can you find in this situation? How might it open up more different opportunities.

  5. Strive for your goals - don’t see them as insurmountable, instead ask yourself ‘what can I do to achieve this, what might I need to change?’

If you’re looking for help developing an abundance mindset then speak to Grace Team Accounting who can help with your business development through coaching and strategic planning services on 07 578 5416.

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