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BOP Asphalt | A second generation business

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

‘I think we’re very lucky when it comes to working with Grace Team Accounting - you hear so many horror stories about other accountants and we’ve never experienced that!’

Family-owned and operated, BOP Asphalt has been servicing Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty area for more than 40 years and for over 30 of those years they have been working with Grace Team Accounting. Business Manager, Joy Bevins, sister of Operations Manager Andrew Pratt and daughter of Owner and Director Arthur Pratt, explains how Grace Team Accounting have been instrumental in helping BOP Asphalt during the Covid-19 pandemic and with the business passing from father to son.

‘Our client manager Kristen is so personable, not only is she great at her job but she really takes the time to get to know you and your business, particularly with training. When I started Kristen gave me a lot of support when it came to the payroll and filing our yearly statements with the IRD,’ explains Joy. ‘And when we first went into lockdown, Kristen and Grace Team Accounting were so supportive.’ Grace Team Accounting’s approach of ‘physical distancing’ rather than ‘social distancing’ meant that the team were only just a phone call away from the clients, who were entering uncharted waters and, naturally, needed to know that they could access expert knowledge.

‘We had regular contact through emails, newsletters and webinars which really helped us to know exactly what we were eligible for such as the Carry Back Loss Scheme, but also Kristen took the time to call just to check in with us and how we were doing beyond the business. It was just another example of how Grace Team Accounting takes the time to get to know their clients.’

As such BOP Asphalt were able to access the cash flow that they needed throughout lockdown to be able to continue to work. At the same time Owner and Directory Arthur Pratt, who founded the business back in 1973, is now passing the company onto his son, Andrew and Grace Team Accounting has been pivotal in liaising with lawyers and bank managers throughout the process as well as overseeing the paperwork as shares are sold. ‘It’s been brilliant to be able to just pick up the phone and get straight through to someone who can answer your question,’ says Joy ‘You never feel like you’re being fobbed off and can always speak directly with Kristen or another senior member of the team.’

‘My father first chose Grace Team Accounting because he knew Lindsay to be a trusted accountant, but over the years the service has been so good that we’ve never needed to look anywhere else - I recommend them to everyone.’

At Grace Team Accounting part of what we do is to provide business coaching services that supports you in driving the business, reviewing performance and re-setting. To find out more get in contact today

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