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Introducing Xero's New Email PDF Bills Into Your Xero Organisation

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Like the idea of simply emailing your PDF formatted bills direct from your inbox straight into your accounting software? Well now you can if you subscribe to Xero online accounting software.

Xero have introduced another accounting efficiency and all you have to do is grab your organisation’s unique email address and send those pdf bills direct to your Xero organisation.

Xero then automatically creates a draft bill that also has a side by side view of your PDF bill.

If your organisation is in the Premium beta group not only can you email the PDF bill through - you may see all details such as the contact, date, total, due date and reference populate automatically.

Snapshot of how it works:

  • Grab your organisation’s unique bills address in the Bills To Pay section and click on Create Bill From Email.

  • Copy and paste this unique email address to email your PDF bills to your organisation’s bill address. Remember it must be an email attachment, not an invoice embedded in the email body.

  • To view the invoice simply go into Xero and it will have been created and attached as a draft bill

  • If you receive a scanned copy of the bill or an image (in other words not in PDF format) details won’t automatically be populated but you can easily update the details whilst having the ability to use the side by side view.

Once you log back into your purchases section and go into draft bills you’ll easily identify any emailed pdf bills by the comments forwarded bill next to your supplier’s name. Here you can review the details to ensure the bill is correct.

It might pay you to ….

  • Tidy up any duplicate supplier contacts or spelling mistakes in your supplier account details in Xero to help prevent error messages bouncing back

  • You have an option to set up a rule in your email box settings to automatically forward PDF bills to your Xero organisation to save even more time

  • Check any fields that may automatically populate just to make sure the details are correct

  • You can email multiple PDF’s in a single email to ensure details automatically populate

  • Save your organisation’s unique email bill address in your address book in your email program

Any issues …

Simply give our expert team of Xero accounting gurus a call on 07 578 5416 and we’ll have to sorted in no time.

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