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End of year business health check

RNZ recently published an article that said according to research; four out of five small business owners feel isolated. A third of that group felt they lacked knowledge and need extra business planning support.

Maybe our good old kiwi DIY approach is sometimes causing too much stress. We’re not very good at asking for help are we? Seriously, we need to improve that.

Business planning is like holistic healthcare; it focuses on the whole business rather than just one part. Today; we urge you to take a few hours out of your day and give your business a full health check.What’s your financial blood pressure like? Margins too tight, expenses too high, debtors on the increase? Having staff “heart” palpitations? Blimey no wonder you feel isolated. Take a deep breath - help is here.

Suffering with growing pains or stuck in a rut? Discover easy ways to get you started and staying on the right track. These are common business health issues but the good news is there’s lots you can do.

Why not take your pick from our Top 5 Reads over Summer list? Inspirational and informational reads that will get you buzzing into 2018 (find them here)

Why not talk to our Client Managers who are here to help you get your business health running at optimum level. Book an appointment today on 07 578 5416. It’s time to take some of the pressure off.

One More Piece of Advice

As Business Advisors (we’re not just accountants!) one more piece of advice we’d like to offer you is to stop right now and look back at what you’ve done really well so far this year.

More often than not we’re running towards the future and that’s ok but you have to celebrate your successes too. It’s good for you, your team and it feels great.

We’ve covered a few client stories this year and here are some of our highlights we’re celebrating:

“Lindsay has a complete handle on our business so offering sound governance and understanding the business landscape in quite a vulnerable environment gives us the reassurance and durability we need now and into the future. The fact that we’re still hugely

passionate about our business and the industry is a clear indication we’ve got great people around us, including our staff and Grace Team Accounting” Ross Apiarists (find them here)

“Even though we had a lot of managerial skills and experience, we’d never owned our own business. As we’ve learnt, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. Janet at Grace Team Accounting is now like my new best friend!” SuperValue Pyes Pa (find them here)

“We needed someone who could offer us help and advice in all aspects of our business and personal entities; someone we could trust to listen and help us put all the pieces of the puzzle together. After meeting with Michael we both felt he was the right person to deal with because he listened, he explained in plain English the how to and where to from here and he genuinely cared about our objectives” Alliance RV (find them here)

Thank you all so much for your continued support and business, and of course your amazing feedback!

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