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Business review leads to increased profitability

Johnny & Michelle Calley made the decision to begin Calley Homes upon returning home from the United Kingdom in 2008. Since then they have built a brand that is prominent in the Tauranga building industry and recognised for quality craftsmanship and custom build projects.

“Having run a successful business in London for five years we felt we wanted to work for ourselves. Starting the business when the GFC hit was never going to be easy, but we worked hard and focused on quality and service” says Johnny.

Now seven years on the couple have a busy lifestyle. Both Johnny and Michelle work within the day to day operations while managing a young family. To add to that workload Johnny’s also the current President of the Master Builders Federation in Tauranga.

Gaining momentum the couple began to focus their business on both the design and build process “effectively we are a one stop shop” says Johnny “ We work with our clients from the custom design of their home to the completion of the build. This ensures every consideration is made with no unwanted surprises and the benefit of insight throughout the entire project.”

“We originally began the company using lawyers and accountants that family had been using, but we soon found that they had a rural focus and really didn’t understand the heart of our business” says Johnny. “About three years ago we decided to make some significant changes and through Harris Tate Lawyers and Grace Team Accounting, collectively we restructured and began to refine our business”.

“Since then we’ve reaped the rewards of making these changes, together with Michael and the team at Grace Team Accounting we have come to understand the complete economics of our business maximizing both our growth potential and profits. Michelle focuses on back costing monthly to ensure we modify and adjust as we go, this gives us greater transparency in each and every project. This has led to an immediate impact of increased profitability in the business” says Johnny.

“We are in total control of our growth, our focus has not waivered from the quality and service principles we began the business with. We bring on two apprentices a year and grow them within the business, at the moment we have six apprentices at varying stages ” says Johnny. “Our senior team guide each project and the systems technology we employ supports this. We work tirelessly to do things better and we’ve found because of this our clients are our greatest advocates”.


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