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Business Advantage 
Workshop Series

If you are looking for ways to improve your business, steady the ship or plan a path to success with confidence then this workshop series is for you!


In the coming months we will be hosting a series of workshops, focussed around core areas of the business where you can gain ideas, insights and find solutions to make a difference to your business results. You can come to one or come to all - it’s all about learning and paving a better way. 

Each workshop is available to Grace Team clients for just $69 + GST per session. 

Come in for a coffee from 7.30 for a bit of networking with workshops scheduled to begin promptly at 8am.

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Know Your Numbers

19th June 2024 

Do you know your numbers? The base of any good business is understanding the numbers and being able to use those numbers to advance. Learn some of the basics and takeaway strategies for success.

Cash is King

17th July 2024

Cashflow is the lifeblood of business and ensuring you have ample while you grow, or to prepare for a tougher marketplace is key to ensuring your business road is plain sailing. 

This workshop we'll focus on the key points during the cashflow cycle and provide strategies for managing a hungry business. 

Marketing & Sales

21st August 2024

Marketing & Sales Funnel – Guest Speaker

How's your marketing performing? Have you got a solid plan to build your sales funnel? Discover marketing tools that can improve your pipeline of work, systemise your marketing tasks and make those future sales easier to convert. 

The Ten Hats

18th September 2024

Every business owner wears a multitude of hats when running a business. We breakdown the ten key areas of your business and identify opportunities for systemising and ways to reduce the pressure of wearing them all. Come away with a clearer understanding and strategies for change.  

Let's talk Budgeting & Tax

16th October 2024

Budgets may sound boring, but they are an essential tool in your business arsenal to use as a guide to measure against. By implementing a progressive budget in the management of your business, you can plan ahead with confidence, make decisions more easily, and ensure you have no tax surprises come year end. In this workshop we will showcase how to implement a working budget, and provide insights into aligning the right tax and insurance planning for your business. 

Reaching the Three Freedoms

20th November 2024

The New Year Focus – It's time to look ahead and set your Goals for the 2025 year.  When it comes to business (and indeed life) there are three freedoms we all want to achieve: financial, time and mind. Another way to think about it is, more money, a better work-life balance and less stress. When aligned, business (and in turn your life!) feels great, if one is out of kilter however it can leave you feeling overwhelmed. This workshop is designed to give you tools to move forward with confidence. 

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